Lincoln Tomb Security

Lincoln's Tomb
A-1 Corporate Hardware workers install Axis video cameras at Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield, Ill.

Abraham Lincoln’s tomb site utilizes Axis’ multi-sensor and outdoor-ready network cameras and AXIS Perimeter Defender for added security.

Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, today announced that it will provide surveillance and perimeter protection at the historical site of Abraham Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield, IL. The new network video surveillance system will provide more accessibility and leverage current IP technologies to offer an uninterrupted view across the site and parking lot that will save staff time and give further understanding to how visitors interact with the monument.

As part of a security upgrade by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and local systems integrator A-1 Corporate Hardware, cameras will be deployed at various angles around the site as well as the parking lot to enable staff to have a complete view of the entire property.

“As one of the most visited cemeteries in the country, the addition of video surveillance will give us a tool to increase safety and security around the site and allow us to resolve incidents quickly,” said Heidi Brown-McCreery, director of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. “This system will offer us a tremendous amount of efficiency and also be used to help staff learn how guests move around the site.”

With over 200,000 visitors annually, the Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site is the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln, as well as his wife and three of his children. The tomb is situated in a large monument with five surrounding bronze statues, each depicting a branch of the United States military. An eight foot statue of Lincoln also stands above the tomb.

“We have been protecting Springfield’s valuable assets for the past 70-plus years and are pleased to provide this additional security to protect Abraham Lincoln’s legacy”, said Joe White of A-1 Corporate Hardware.

To fully capture the full view of the property, the site selected an AXIS Q3708-PVE Network Camera with three sensors for a 180-degree overview and excellent light sensitivity. Additionally, AXIS P3224-LVE Network Cameras will provide additional angles with remote zoom and focus and OptimizedIR illumination for viewing at night. All cameras will utilize Axis’ Zipstream Technology, a more efficient H.264 implementation that will lower bandwidth and storage requirements.

AXIS Perimeter Defender will be deployed on the cameras to serve as scalable perimeter protection, an added layer of defense for security on site. The analytic features high detection accuracy and will allow staff to reinforce physical access to the site during off hours.

“We’re honored that the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency will use Axis to secure and protect the tomb of one of the most instrumental presidents in this Country’s history,” said Karl Radke, Business Area Director, Midwest, Axis Communications, Inc. “This system will provide the site with the security and flexibility they need to continue to grow.”

Abraham Lincoln’s Tomb was established at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield following Lincoln’s death and burial in May of 1865. A selection of museums, monuments and historic sites can be found within a two-mile radius of the site, including the original building in which Lincoln worked for the State Legislature.