Hirsch Electronics Scramble Pad

Hirsch Electronics Scramble Pad
Hirsch Electronics Scramble Pad

Hirsch’s ScramblePad family of keypads and keypad + reader devices prevents stolen access codes using a numeral scrambling technique and viewing restrictors. An integrated contactless prox/smart card reader enables a variety of card+code applications. The onboard MATCH™ allows for connected readers (biometrics, etc.). The keypad also gives operators remote system control.


  • Scrambling Display
  • Horizontal & Vertical Viewing Restrictors
  • Multi-function Operator Interface
    • Access Control
    • Programmer’s Terminal
    • Alarm & Relay Control
    • Override HVAC, Lighting, etc.
  • Immediate Availability of Codes
    • No Waiting for Cards
    • Instant Authorizations
  • Codes Are Free, Cards Cost Money
  • Dual Technology
    • Support 1 or 2 Readers
    • AutoSTART Scrambling Display
  • High Security
  • Microprocessor Based
  • Mathematical Digitizing Algorithm
    • High Security Transmission
    • Eliminates Facility Codes
  • 3 to 16 Digit Codes
  • Digital Transmission
    • Long Wiring Runs
    • Multi-drop Connections